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Electrode Design

Electrode Design

At Topmolders based on your manufacturing capabilities, which details are more efficient to machine and which to burn. Based on that knowledge we can design every electrode for your mold complete with check sheets and EDM setup sheets.

Topmolders designs electrodes that prevent mistakes from occurring in the program and set up of the EDM sinker by supplying X,Y, and Z locations in a data file to load directly into your EDM's memory. This eliminates manual data entry at our end and for the client. We put an orientation chamfer on each electrode to allow your personnel to visually confirm that the electrode in the EDM is set up correctly.

Topmolders designs all the electrodes associative with the main core and cavity geometry and supplies associative Sinker EDM set up sheets for each insert with all the electrodes for that setup locations, over-burn and orbit patterns.