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Topmolders Engineering can also provide you with custom services that do not necessarily fall into any particular category.

Molds can be custom designed from the ground up or incorporate standard mold bases and components from DME, Hasco, Omni, Progressive, Husky and others to save time and money on mold design, mold construction and future mold maintenance.

Topmolders Engineering can provide manufacturing plans for mold designs that we have completed allowing the toolmaker to start construction immediately on all components of a mold. This allows the simultaneous construction of all mold components while ensuring that the processes used to produce the components can manufacture the parts to print in the most efficient manner possible.

Topmolders Engineering can also analyze plastic piece parts prior to the construction of any tooling. This possibly allows for changes in the piece part design than can improve the manufacturing of the part. By making the part easier to mold or the tool easier to manufacture or maintain, the cost required to produce the part can be reduced and a better part can be manufactured.

Contact us for more information relating to the special services that we can offer to you. We would like to be a partner in your next successful project.