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Solid Modeling

TOPMOLDERS ENGINEERING also provide high quality Solid Modeling services for our customers...

In addition to offering mold design services Topmolders Engineering can help with your piece part models. By utilizing the latest release of Unigraphics mechanical CAD software we can produce 3-D solid models of your piece part. These models can be developed from your paper drawings or 2-D CAD data. The models are a 100% correct 3-D representation of the final piece part showing all detail.

The 3-D solid piece part model can be utilized in a number of ways. It can be used to develop engineering drawings for the product as well as technical drawings for literature and maintenance manuals.

By doing so, we are able to design the mold in 3-D, which allows the toolmaker to produce an accurate tool. This prevents mistakes due to interpretation of the 2-D data or drawings as well as reducing the design and build time required to manufacture the tool.

The 3-D model can also be used for CAE processes such as mold filling, cooling, and warpage analysis. Finite element stress analysis can also be used to determine if the part design and chosen material will meet the performance criteria required for proper product operation.

Clearance analysis can also be performed if all parts in an assembly are modeled and mated together. This ensures that the product can be assembled and will function properly.

If physical models are required the 3-D solid model can be used to develop a rapid prototype model. This reduces or eliminates the costs normally associated with making changes to completed tools to correct design errors.

In addition to the technical analysis the 3-D model also has use in marketing a new product. Photographic renderings based on the 3-D models can be made to perform market analysis. These models allow people to see lifelike pictures of the product prior to ever producing any physical parts. By doing a market analysis based on the 3-D data of a virtual product the cost and time required to market a new item can be reduced.

All of the above benefits can be used singly or in combination to ensure that a product functions as intended. This will reduce the time and cost required getting the product into the market place.