Mold Design

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Does your company outsource mold design?

Do you need plastic injection mold design services to satisfy your customers and keep your plastic mold makers busy?

Do you need plastic product design and development services to move your new product design off the drafting board and into production?

If so, Topmolders Engineering puts years of plastic mold design and plastic product design experience at your fingertips. You'll also benefit from our communication rich design environment where your customers and mold makers can share and refine ideas regardless of location or work schedules. You win with injection mold design services that meet yours, your team members, and your customers' requirements.

Topmolders Engineering can be custom designed from the ground up or incorporate standard mold bases and components from DME, HASCO, Omni, Progressive, PCS, Pedrotti EOC Meusburger National Rabourdin egwhiter and others to save time and money on mold design, mold construction and future mold maintenance.

We're also experienced in plastic part design and have significant experience finding ways to mold parts that were not designed for injection molding.

Satisfied customers include plastic product mold design services, Topmolders Engineering designers and plastic mold manufacturers around the world. Whether your project is a medical device, consumer product, industrial or aerospace application, Topmolders Engineering will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Topmolders Engineering is the company you have been looking for your off-shore design services and manufacturing solutions.